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The advertising process starts with a comprehensive consultation to determine which types of advertising venues are best suited for your business. Lanski Marketing will research demographics and devise a marketing plan and budget that will give you the best return on your investment.

An effective advertising campaign can involve several types of advertising media such as ad design, poster displays, outdoor display, signage, web banners, flyers, direct mail and more. Lanski Marketing can design and orchestrate entire campaigns for timing and proper placement.

Having a budget to work with is the best place to start before even thinking about any form of advertising. You need to track your advertising dollars to know if they are working for you. Make sure when starting any business you don't neglect to set aside funds to inform consumers about your product and services - keeping them aware and informed are key to your advertising efforts.

Timing and placement are crucial in advertising, especially for time sensitive materials. Create a demand for your product and services with dated promotions. Direct mail and trade publication advertising for events and specials are your best bet. Lanski Marketing can help you plan and orchestrate the necessary media you will need and coordinate production and placement.

Media Buys
When placing ads in publications it is important to know when to supply ad materials, in what format and to be aware of special supplements that apply specifically to your industry. Lanski Marketing will contact the desired publication to establish relationships with a representative and acquire media kits with all the necessary information for successful ad placement or postings.

Press Releases

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