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Print Design

Business Cards
Business cards generally are a 3.5” x 2” format. They can be vertical or horizontal, die cut, folded, embossed, fold over, printed on one or both sides . . . the possibilities are endless. Think of your business card as a tiny flyer to represent your company it should have all your vital contact information, logo, slogan and the products and services your business offers.

Letterhead is your primary form of correspondence and should match your corporate image - coordinate paper choice and printing techniques for a cohesive professional look. Think about how you will use your letterhead. Is it primarily for letters and/or will you be using it to generate reports or proposals?

Envelopes can be an important part of your correspondence and complete your identity system. Envelope options will vary depending on your mailing needs and collateral material. From standard #10, to windowed, catalogue and reply, envelopes come in all shapes and sizes. Lanski Marketing will help you determine the most common use for your envelopes and how they can make it easier for your clients to do business with you.

A brochure is an informational piece. It should give an in depth overview of your company and services. A brochure should be consistent with your company image with a bit more flair. Photography and copy writing can be one of the most important aspects in creating a successful brochure. Lanski Marketing will provide you with unique solutions and design an effective functional piece that will suite your business and your market.

Direct Mail
Direct mail pieces are some of the most versatile and effective marketing materials. Choose from various post card sizes and fold options, scratcher promotions, brochure mailers and unique novelty campaigns, the options are endless! Lanski Marketing will help you refine your demographics, build or purchase your own direct mail database, develop a successful campaign, orchestrate mailing and help you track results for the best return on your investment.

Media Kits
A media kit helps your clients to do business with you and is a great sales tool for companies that have a variety of products and services. Start with a presentation folder and customize with introductory letters, sales sheets, inserts and a company brochure for your various clientele. Lanski Marketing will design the right pocket options to hold materials and business cards.

Sales Sheets
A sales sheet is much like a brochure, but is more specialized to a specific product or service. Your sales sheet should have a detail review of your products or services specific features, include concise visual images, photography or illustrations. Sales sheets are a great accompaniment to a presentation folder.

Ad Design
A successful ad campaign requires a consistent look, message and repetition. Planning and budgets are essential. Lanski Marketing will design you a successful ad campaign, determine best trade publications and orchestrate timing and placement.

The right labeling and design can make your retail product stand out on a shelf and create a memorable impression to consumers. There are many things to consider in label production from size, color, adhesive and application. Lanski Marketing will design the right label for your product.

A newsletter is a great way to keep your clients constantly informed of your products and services. Corporate consistency and timely information or promotions keep it interesting. Lanski Marketing will help you decide the best distribution method, whether it be internal, direct mail or an e-newsletter, it should have a consistent look and regular delivery schedule.

Annual publications require a carefully executed production schedule from design to delivery. Lanski Marketing has the experience to produce a variety of publications from discount directories, coupon books, product catalogues, annual reports and books.

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